M & N Building Cleaning Services provide wonderful service, great rates, reliable, efficient and highly recommended!
happy dude
Stephan Eaglefree
So happy with the service we received yesterday. from an online request for a quote,on the strata cleaning, Many Thanks Lay!
Andrew Lee
I found clean cleaning one of the reliable and trust worthy cleaning company, if anyone wants a good cleaning please do choose M & N Building Cleaning Services.
Miriam Wisebull
Extremely reliable, prepared to do extras, very efficient and very competitive. Our block of 4 units is beautifully maintained. M & N Building Cleaning Services is Highly recommended.
young freelancer
Alex Bluemarine
a quick and easy service. Thanks M & N Building Cleaning Services!
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson
I can't say enough about M & N Building Cleaning Services. It's fast, professional, detailing and friendly! Everything at your expectations! Great works guys!
Nicolas Blackriver
Nicolas Blackriver
Had a fantastic cleaning with Lay and his Sydney Cleaning Services company! The ease of booking online is so clutch and he left our home sparkling and faintly smelling of fresh lemon =) One thing I have noticed with cleaners in SYD is that they do not use a mop on the floors unless you provide it (I think I read there's some health code reason for this?). Anyway, I provided a mop and bucket and the floors looked and smelled great!
James Richardson
James Richardson
I have recently injured myself and haven't been able to clean my apartment adequately as a result. Thank goodness for M & N Building Cleaning Services! My apartment has never looked cleaner, smelt better, or shined brighter! I am so satisfied with their cleaning job and the delicious clean smell has lingered for days now. I will only use M & N Building Cleaning Services from now on as they are reliable, affordable, and thorough! Highly recommend!
Tiffany Firebird
Tiffany Firebird
I  have used M & N Building Cleaning Services once and my first experience was great. Scheduling and working with the management team has also been easy and effortless, adding so much more value to the overall expection.
Jennifer Greenfield
Jennifer Greenfield
Lay is AWESOME!! I used them when I couldn't handle my roommates messiness any longer. Getting an appointment couldn't have been any easier The cleaner showed up on time and did an amazing job. Thanks Lay Cleaning Services!
Diana Brown
I really cannot say enough good things about M & N Building Cleaning Services!. I've been using them for a year and a half now and I am consistently pleased with the quality of the work I highly recommend M & N Building Cleaning Services!
Leonardo Freeman
your job is great, great i mean excellent. My husband was very happy when he came back from oversea. I can't do it by myself.
happy lady
Anna Whitehall

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